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Hello Readers!

So, what’s new? Apart from the sweltering UK heatwave currently among us and trying to maintain healthy hydration levels, there’s been lots of activity in the book world. Highly anticipated releases have made their way into the bookosphere including releases from names such as Bolu Babalola and Dean Atta and exciting developments are taking place in the community to drive positive social change.

With that said, here are some of my highlights;

Latest Book Reviews

Ace: What Asexuality Reveals about Desire, Society, and the Meaning of Sex by Angela Chen

This book explores the modern history of asexuality, though it also acknowledges the existence of ace peoples from older periods of times (pre-2000s). Continue reading Ace: What Asexuality Reveals about Desire, Society, and the Meaning of Sex by Angela Chen

New on Booktube

Find out which 13 books I read in the months April, May and June, which books I would recommend and which ones failed to deliver. Also I discuss a new favourite and an unfortunate DNF.
We all have them: typical storylines or recurring themes in books that get us each and every time, whether it’s enemies to lovers or found family. In this video, I discuss the 10 bookish tropes that always work on me without fail.
Inspired by one of my recent non-fiction reads; Feminism, Interrupted by Lola Olufemi, this video is all about debunking radical feminism amidst tons of misinformation and defending why drastic responses are needed to combat structural inequality.

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The BI-FURIOUS Readathon 2022

Welcome to the BI-FURIOUS Readathon homepage! Celebrating Bisexuality Visibility Week that is observed annually from September 16th to 23rd. This Readathon is about unapologetically amplifying bisexual voices in literature by exploring new and unfamiliar genres. The BI-FURIOUS Readathon (@BiFuriousAthon) will run for two weeks this year, beginning September 16th until the 30th, 2022. Download this … Continue reading The BI-FURIOUS Readathon 2022

Since early 2019, I’ve had the great pleasure of working with the buzzing book recommendations site, LoveReading as one of their Book Ambassadors and collaborating on exciting blog tour projects, of which many more are still to come!

Over the years, I’ve seen tons of positive changes from them and recently some fantastic new developments were announced with regard to their branding.

As of Monday 11th July, LoveReading relaunched as an online bookstore with social purpose. The focus of the initiative can be explained in the strapline; Buy a Book, Support a School. Readers will still be able to receive top tier reviews and book recommendations, but now they will also be able to purchase books from LoveReading as well as their sister site LoveReading4Kids and donate 25% of the cover price to a school of their choice to enable them to buy books for their library. Positive change is definitely in the air!

This mention isn’t sponsored but any book sales generated from future LoveReading and LoveReading4Kids links I host will result in me receiving a small affliate-based commission.

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