My Favourite Books of 2021!

Happy New Year readers! (belatedly) It's finally time for me to reveal my Top 10 Favourite Books of 2021. I really struggled to compile this list because 2021 was an altogether spectacular reading year for me...

Five Underrated Books

Last time, I posted my Top 5 picks for the most Overrated books right now in the book community online but today I wanted to do the opposite...

BLOG TOUR: Memorial by Bryan Washington

Set in Houston, Texas, Washington's second novel is a stirring, profound expression of complex relationships and enduring love. Benson and Mike are a queer, interracial couple that get separated when Mike decides to travel to Japan to be with his dying father at the same time that Mike's mother, Mitsuko arrives in Houston to visit him.

Five Overrated Books

I usually only post about books I love on my blog but this post is a bit different as I'm sure you can tell from the title. Today, I'm going to be discussing the 5 books I believe to be hyperbolically overrated as far as the online book community is concerned

Books I’m Reading for Bisexual Visibility Week

As it's currently Bisexual Visibility or Awareness week, an international celebration that is observed annually from 16 - 23 September, I've compiled a line-up of books with bi characters that I'm hoping to finish by the end of this month.

Book Review! BLACK JOY – An Essay Collection

From essays about revolutionising the way we perceive masculinity to Carnival to Caribbean food to creating spaces for Black people to enjoy cultural expression ... these essays discuss how Black Joy can either be a deeply personal or collective experience.

Let’s Talk About Cancel Culture

To claim victimhood for simply having an opinion is a wilful act of ignorance that completely disregards the detrimental impact those opinions have on society's most vulnerable people.

Books that got me into thriller

. These narratives have always lent themselves more suitably to TV and cinema in my opinion but the books featured in today's post have shown me that they can be just as nail-biting and suspenseful in books too.