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This July marks the 7th anniversary of the Black Lives Matter movement and Disability Pride Month. Click here to see my BLM inspired book recommendations. Disability Pride recommendations coming soon!





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Fave Books That Raise Awareness

July might be drawing to a close but I still wanted to highlight the importance of this month. July is the anniversary month of the Black Lives Matter movement, it is also Disability Pride month and it’s the month that I almost reached my Goodreads goal

June Books: Non-fiction must-reads and queer manga

Partway through the month, I decided to switch gears and focus on reading books with more black and LGBTQX+ representation, as I realize that this is still a very niche part of fiction and literature that I myself have been neglecting.

Black Representation In Books

This awareness has…led many within the book community to actively seek out books written by mainly black but also person-of-colour authors. It has sparked a much needed conversation regarding the representation of black authors/black main characters in fiction but also across a wide range of literature.

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