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Graphic Novels/Manga Reviews

Graphic novels and Manga has long been a medium of reading that I have enjoyed reading. Though some might deem it to be puerile and debate whether these books can actually be considered literature, I’ve discovered many meaningful and in some instances educational stories through this means of storytelling such as my current read; Monster…

Bookish Podcasts Worth Listening To

Nothing complements the monotony of a repetitive task like listening to an audiobook. Right? I agree, but lately I’ve also found that listening to Bookish podcasts can be just as conducive to getting all those boringly tedious tasks out of the way

Books I want to read because of Netflix

Lockdown in the U.K. is set to start easing in the coming months. But with many of us still spending most of our time at home, I’ve been coping with the challenges of quarantine and working from home by not only reading but by spending an inordinate amount of binge-worthy hours streaming Netflix TV shows.

Don’t Touch My Hair by Emma Dabiri

I loved the dynamics of the writing that was at times highly academic and at other at times casual. It covers various different aspects of afro hair, de-stigmatising the negative connotations synonymous with black hair types from a spiritual, political, philosophical and even mathematical vantage point.