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“Thank you so much for reading my work and for writing such an honest and in depth review! ” – Bill Weber, Author of Choosing Me: Love Letters From A Poet. Read my review here.

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Orange Is The New Black by Piper Kerman (2010) – Kerman is a freshly graduated college student with no definitive plans for her future and thus finds herself coaxed into the life of a drug trafficking. This attractive life in crime doesn’t last though and soon she gives it up, finds a steady job and lands herself a dream finacee. Until her world is upended when six years later, she is convicted and sentenced to 15 months in a woman’s prison in Danbury, Connecticut.


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The Writer by J.C. Maetis

The Writer began extremely well, with tons of promise and potential. It offers a unique insight that is generally lacking from other books of a similar genre.

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