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Six Of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo – Review

Six Of Crows is a young adult fantasy heist thriller that transports the reader into a stimulating world of magic, yet conveys the pragmatism of carefully planned prison break mission.

Young Adult Books That Celebrate Black Joy

Before we get into the main post, I have some news; LochanReads now has a monthly newsletter! Every month, I will be sharing a themed reading recommendations list, with the aim of encouraging more people to read diverse.

FIVE 5-Star Predictions!

Having only read two 5-star reads this year, I am on the lookout for more next-level, deeply affecting reads that will leave a lasting impression on me. One of my 5-stars for 2021 is a non-fiction feminist collection of essays and speeches called Sister Outsider by Audre Lorde and you can read my review here!

Graphic Novels/Manga Reviews

Graphic novels and Manga has long been a medium of reading that I have enjoyed reading. Though some might deem it to be puerile and debate whether these books can actually be considered literature, I’ve discovered many meaningful and in some instances educational stories through this means of storytelling such as my current read; Monster […]