I broke another book buying ban. Here’s why

Most avid readers and bloggers within the book community will know the internal conflict of book buying bans well. It is a resolution to abstain from buying new books for any specified period of time. Unfortunately, like most resolutions, particularly those uttered around New Years, book buying bans are rarely maintained by a large number of book enthusiasts, myself included.

In fact, I made a similar declaration to halt all book purchases for this month and even went so far as to document this on book twitter. Alas, this resolve wasn’t meant to be upon my hearing of a particular Readathon that will be hosted in October next month.

The Ace Race or Ace Readathon is being hosted by fellow booktubers/bloggers and will be running throughout the whole of October (1st – 31st). It is a themed reading month centering around books that feature asexual protagonists or characters in prominent roles. Lately, I have endeavoured to make my reading more inclusive so I was thrilled at the prospect at taking part in this Readathon as a means of diversifying my reading range and learning more about this particular community.

Herein we have the reason why this month’s proposed book buying ban failed miserably and why I decided to buy the following books;

Click on each title to read more about the book on Goodreads!

As well as the books pictured above, I also acquired some other books which I also intend to read during the month of October, but these books, both boasting solid reader reviews, were the main cause behind my book buying ban annulment. Despite not helping my finances one bit, I was euphoric when my book mail arrived in the post today. I maintain my excitement and anticipation for these books and the diverse perspectives they will no doubt bring to life.

To find out more about The Ace Race, check out the dedicated Twitter page @AceReadathon where you will also find a google sheet with plenty of book recommendations with asexual protagonists.


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