Choosing Me: Love Letters From A Poet by Bill Weber

Choosing Me is the debut collection of poems by Bill Weber. They are a collection of deeply romantic verses inspired by his wife, Cynthia. The poems have all the romanticism of free verse and are typically organized into stanzas.

Choosing Me by Bill Weber

They all discuss a central theme; that of love making and the spiritual connection that comes with it. As such the poems can be quite graphic at times, using beautifying motifs such as nectar, flowers and sweetly tasting things to portray intimate actions. These verses truly deify women which some women may find empowering.

Personally I didn’t really connect with the saccharine sweetness of it all. I prefer my eroticism to be used to season a narrative rather than be the sole focus of it all. Then again, this is an anthology about love-making, therefore it does well to maintain this theme throughout.

I think this collection will appeal to a certain demographic of older women perhaps younger women as well, although I believe not as much because the introduction to this anthology markets Choosing Me as a self-help tool for couples who have lost the spark in their relationships.

I personally enjoyed the poem ‘Women And Trees’ which was a lot less sexual than most other poems and alluded to trees as a metaphor to connote the fact that women come in all shapes and sizes and they are all beautiful. Overall I think Choosing Me is a very interestingly distinctive set of contemporary poems and I give it ⭐⭐⭐

Choosing Me: Love Letter From A Poet will be available for purchase on Amazon in December 2019.

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