Trans Like Me: A Journey For All Of Us by C N Lester

Trans Like Me: A Journey For All Of Us or as a later edition is titled, Trans like Me: Conversations For All Of Us was published in 2017 by Virago, an imprint of the Little Brown Book Group. It was written by British non-binary musician and political activist C N Lester. This incredibly sobering book offers a very personal analysis of the transgender community, what it means to be trans and how we all interact with trans people in our lives.

The audiobook was published by W F Howes in 2018 and narrated by the author. It has a running time of 6 hours.

In keeping with my reading goal to consume more non-fiction whilst also attempting to seek out more books that discuss pressing political and societal issues, I recently listened to the Trans Like Me audio book. Lester’s tone of reading is the definition of calm and poise, which made it easy for me to listen to their narration.

Trans Like Me has a pragmatic tone and presents a sound argument based on generously supplied evidence, dispelling the notion of a gender binary, something that is widely purported as fact in society and that any deviation from these norms is ‘not natural.’ Rather, through Lester’s book we learn that being transgender is in fact, a normal part of human nature as their existence has long been a part of human history and that variation of the sexed body outside of a binary spectrum has scientific credence.

I was truly impressed by the factual approach this book took, but it also considers more personal issues in the author’s life and that of their community. Open hostility and violence, intersectional biases, mental health and a lack of adequate care for young trans individuals experiencing body dysphoria, are some of the many issues explored that make this book a sobering wake-up call to a generation of widespread ignorance and fear.

Trans Like Me is an instrumental resource exposing the cultural and political divides that blackball transgender people and condemn them for simply being who they are. This book, when read with humility is key in understanding the complexities of sexuality and gender identity.


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