Booktube Review: Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

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Today I posted my book review of Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare to my Booktube channel. See below to watch it!

Lady Midnight is the first book in The Dark Artifices trilogy and was published in 2016 in the U.K. by Simon&Schuster. This book was gifted to me by LoveReading UK and Simon&Schuster as part of the LoveReading Ambassador Book Buzz. I’ll be posting my official review of this book very soon but for now I hope you enjoy the video!

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Book Review: Time Of Contempt by Andrej Sapkowski

Synopsis: The scene is being set for the gathering of the Conclave of Mages, where sorcerers throughout the four kingdoms will gather on the Isle of Thanedd to discuss political affairs and the threat of war from the land of Nilfgaard. Meanwhile a rebellion is brewing that will divide the Council concerning the fate of Ciri, an exiled princess, Witcher-in-training and prophetic child of the Elder blood.

Time Of Contempt is the second book in the Witcher series, originally published in 1995.

The premise of this story inspires excitement with lots of promising build-up that ultimately fails to deliver. I believe the first part of the story was a lot stronger than the second part as it seemed to have a lot more coherence as opposed to the events that took place after the Conclave of Mages where the execution of the plot became very erratic, with different story arcs cropping up haphazardly…To read the full review please click here!

Book Review: The Pale Horseman by Bernard Cornwall

Cornwall maintains the action filled momentum of The Last Kingdom in this sequel novel, with a lively and animated plot that was consistent throughout the book. I enjoyed the rawness of the story-telling which complemented the book’s historical setting, during an age of battles, war and rebellion. It almost added an extra layer of harsh realism to the abundant portrayals of sex and violence.

The characterisation was also a strong feature of this novel, especially in the case of Uhtred’s ongoing internal conflict, which makes him fight alongside his Saxon countrymen, but also yearn the life of a Danish warrior. He thus brings upon himself the disdain of all those around him who scorn his pagan leanings. The people of Wessex are fiercely loyal to their Christian faith, yet as an affront to his people, Uhtred openly wears Thor’s hammer around his neck, dresses like a Dane and is overly familiar with the sorceress Iseult, despite being married to Mildrith…

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Why I use Ratings in my Book Reviews

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I’ve noticed that there has been tons of discussion about this topic in the book community so I thought I’d share with you why I personally like to used a star-based system in my book reviews. Please share your thoughts and let me know do you use ratings in your reviews? Don’t forget to subscribe to my Booktube channel before you leave, it would help me out loads! ❤

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Classic Book Review: Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell

I feel no review on such as book as Gone With The Wind would be complete without some form of commentary of the slavery situation that was prevalent in those days. This book offered invaluable insight into the plight that black people faced under the tyranny of the Old South, but the book reflects another light on the situation; one where black people didn’t feel oppressed, but rather accepting of how things were back then. During emancipation, many of them didn’t want to leave their masters or found themselves also struggling to adjust to the ways of the New South.

Mammy is a perfect example of this. Mammy is the black, maternal housemaid with undying loyalty to the O’Hara family. She practically bred Ellen, Scarlet and Scarlet’s children as though they were her own children and even chastised them as such. When Scarlet presented Mammy with the opportunity to be ‘free,’ she hotly refused claiming that she wasn’t ‘no free issue n*gger.’ …. Click here to read the full review.

Booktube Review: Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata

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I’m feeling inspired to utilize my tourist level Japanese today which has been driving the other half mad all day because I just posted my booktube review of Sayaka Murata’s Convenience Store Woman. See below to view it .. Have you read this book yet? What are your thoughts? Please let me know in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel where more reviews will be posted soon!

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