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Classic Book Review: Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell

I feel no review on such as book as Gone With The Wind would be complete without some form of commentary of the slavery situation that was prevalent in those days. This book offered invaluable insight into the plight that black people faced under the tyranny of the Old South

New Book Review: The Last Kingdom by Bernard Cornwall

When the Northumbrians fail to defeat an army of bloodthirsty Danish Vikings, Uhtred is taken hostage where he learns to fight, talk and act like a Dane. As he grows into a battle hardened man, he faces the internal conflict of fighting alongside his English countrymen and his affinity towards Danish ways and customs.

The Confessions Of Frannie Langton by Sara Collins

Set in the early eighteenth century, The Confessions Of Frannie Langton is the eponymous woeful tale about a Jamaican girl, a so-called ‘mulatta’ who spirals into misfortune. At first a house maid and experimental subject on the plantations of Paradise, she finds herself waiting on the renowned Behams in their London estate

Lochanreads Bookish News Picks

Today I'd like to do something a little different and share with you some of the most interesting articles I've read this week in the world of books and publishing. Here are my 3 picks for bookish news stories this week.