New Book Review: Men Without Women By Haruki Murakami

Men without women was written by Japanese best- selling author Haruki Murakami and originally published in 2014 by Bugeishunjuu Ltd. It is a collection of stories centred around relationships as told from various male perspectives. It develops the themes of loneliness and heartbreak with particular emphasis on male vulnerabilities thereby challenging the standard consensus of brutish... Continue Reading →

New Book Review: Heartburn by Nora Ephron

Heartburn is the autobiographical yet fictitious story about a famous cookbook author whose husband has an affair with a mutual family friend. It reflects the real life story of the author who also wrote the screenplay for the 1986 movie adaptation. Heartburn was originally published in 1983 by Little Brown Book Group....I thought the addition... Continue Reading →

Book Club Meeting

I attended my first ever book club meeting yesterday which needless to say was novel and as you would imagine, I didn't know what to expect, save for the laborious sojourn from my residence in essentially the furthermost western part of London to the furthermost eastern part and beyond, namely Essex. Not that this is... Continue Reading →

Book Club

So I've had a mini hiatus as work has been quite demanding since I last published my Bitcoin article. That and sheer laziness or rather to be less blunt, my hamartia of procrastination. #lazysunday seems to be synonymous of my Instagram page even trumping #booklover and #bookreviews. However, yesterday was less like my usual #lazysunday... Continue Reading →

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