MANGA Review: Orange by Ichigo Takano

  • Written by: Ichigo Takano
  • Illustrated by: Ichigo Takano
  • First published: 2013
  • Volumes: 6
  • Genre(s): Romance, Slice-of-life, Shoujo
  • My Rating:


Naho Takamiya, a seventeen-year-old high school
student receives a letter from herself, dated ten years in the future. At
first, Naho is reluctant to take the advice from her future self concerning her
love interest and fellow classmate, Kakeru Naruse, until the letter begins to
accurately predict future events. Naho then decides to follow the letter’s
instructions, which her future self hopes will change the devastating events
that have left her with feelings of loss and regret.

Orange has a distinctive concept and is as sweet
and charming as a dusting of icing sugar. It portrays a typical romance with an
imaginative twist and extremely likeable characters.

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Graphic Novels Update: The Dungeon Of Black Company

The Dungeon of Black Company

black dungeon company This Halloween, I read the first volume of The Dungeon Of Black Company manga series. Having not had much experience reading anything remotely affiliated with the Isekai* genre, I had no expectations but I was intrigued by its premise.

Kinji Ninomiya is the spirited overbearing hero of the manga. He is a NEET* living a comfortably wealthy life in his penthouse and spending his free time mocking everyday individuals who work and struggle to make ends meet. Then one day, he is magically transported to the parallel world; Amuria, where he is forced into slave labour alongside demi-human monsters, goblins and vampires in the Detmolt mines. The only way out of his plight in this twisted world is to make his fortune whatever the cost.

I found the animation of the humanoid creatures in this manga to be very expressive and enjoyed the moments of light humour, such as Rim’s constant threats to eat Kinji. The characterisation of Kinji is very anti-hero. He’s not likeable or relatable nor does he represent the ideals one would normally attribute to a hero, such as justice for example, but it was interesting to see him forced into living the life he previously taunted and have to come to terms with it. I really enjoyed the novelty of this manga and its unusual animation. It’s very fast paced and action packed to the brim!

black dungeon company @lochanreads
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Isekai – A genre normally attributed to light fantasy graphic novels when the main character gets transported to a parallel world.

NEET – Not in Education, Employment or Training. Normally refers to socially introverted people who don’t want to work.