Commuting: An Underground World by Stephen Down

🔊Pre-requisite for reading this book: Must be read whilst commuting!

Let me start by extending my warmest regards to the author for sending me a copy of his book in exchange for my review, though I regret that I did not follow the pre-requisites for reading this book. *hides behind a bookshelf*

Commuting: An Underground World was written by Stephen Down and was published in 2019. It is, to use the book’s own words.. “new reading reading material to provide some light entertainment for your commute to work.”

Commuting hosts a series of mostly comedic anecdotes about the wonders and perils of the London underground. If you’re a frequent commuter like the author, then you’ll probably relate to most of this book, I certainly did, though I don’t commute much these days. The joys of walking..

This book is undeniably funny. It’s packed with quippy humour and sarcastic witticisms and definitely succeeded in getting a few laughs out of me. There were also more serious moments in the book that lingered in my thoughts and made me consider my own complicity in certain situations i.e. the conundrum of giving up one’s seat.

I would definitely recommend Commuting: An Underground World if you’re looking for light entertainment  and a quick read that is deeply relatable and very funny!


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Booktube Review: Lord Of Shadows by Cassandra Clare

Hey Bookworms!

My reading month is looking pretty dismal so far and at this rate, I’ll be happy if I complete at least one book. I’ll never understand  how some readers can complete upwards of 15 books in a month…FREAK readers is what I’ve decided to call them. Those people that can transcend the the strain of ‘adulting’ and thus process multiple books like machines. But I digress. Regardless of how subpar this month is turning out to be, I’m really excited about the new Booktube video that I’ve just posted and you should definitely check it out (despite my mugshot of a thumbnail!)

Lord Of Shadows is the second book in the epic Dark Artifices Series by Cassandra Clare and was published in 2018.

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Book Review: The Seven Deaths Of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton

The Seven Deaths Of Evelyn Hardcastle was written by Steven Turton and was published in 2018 by Raven Books, a crime-thriller and horror imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing. It was later published in the U.S. as The 7 ½ Deaths Of Evelyn Hardcastle, but don’t worry, it’s exactly the same award-winning book with the Best First Novel prize in the 2018 Costa Book Awards, under its belt.

Synopsis: When Aiden Bishop wakes up, he has lost all his memories. He no longer remembers his name nor does he have any recollection of what he is pursuing out on the fields of the dilapidated Blackheath estate. He soon learns that he is trapped on this estate until he can solve the mystery behind Evelyn Hardcastle’s death. Everyday he wakes up in the body of a new host, where each new perspective provides more clues, unraveling the many dark secrets hidden behind the walls of Blackheath.

The Seven Deaths Of Evelyn Hardcastle felt like a BBC period drama reminiscent of Groundhog Day and the works of Agatha Christie. Despite the many influences this novel seemed to draw upon, it maintained its own sense of originality. I loved the way the narrative combined elements of thriller and horror. It had a very nail-biting, suspenseful edge, that was arresting.

The book handled the many co-existing storylines, involving the various different hosts, in such a way that the mystery felt like it was gradually coming together instead of relying too much on heavy exposition to fill in the gaps. There were occasions where exposition was artfully used under the guise of buying time, which honestly.. I would’ve preferred less of.

The Seven Deaths Of Evelyn Hardcastle is the award-winning book of the Best First Novel prize in the 2018 Costa Book Awards

As you would expect from a thriller book of this sort, there are many plot twists which I was really entertained by, mostly because I didn’t see them coming, but that’s because I’m not the greatest at solving mysteries and would probably lose in a game of whodunit. So if you’ve read enough murder mysteries novels to call yourself a connoisseur, you may find the plot twists in want of distinction.

Overall, The Seven Deaths Of Evelyn Hardcastle was a deeply entertaining read that constantly kept me guessing. I think this book would make for a fantastic TV adaptation, which I can definitely see myself winding down to with a glass of wine (if I had a TV).

I rate The Seven Deaths Of Evelyn Hardcastle.. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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