Asking For A Friend by Andi Osho

This is the first paperback edition which was published in 2021 by HQ Publishing with a new edition set to release next year.

Asking For A Friend is a hilariously rip-roaring, Sex in the City (esque) chick-lit novel, set in London and follows the love woes of three long-time best friends; Jemima, Simi and Meagan.

Synopsis: These woman differ greatly in terms of personality but they each carry past burdens that have resulted in utterly hopeless love lives. Jemima’s complex is her propensity to run away from her problems, Meagan’s is her militant organization and Simi’s is her overdependence on others. So they decide to sort out their love woes once and for all by playing a dating game, involving approaching men in bars, clubs, etc. and asking them out, not for themselves but for a friend. In that way ‘No woman gets left behind!’ Seems fool proof but as the game starts to blur into their personal and professional lives, it leads them down a path of secret-keeping and their decade-long friendship hangs in the balance.

Will these woman finally confront the hurt of their past which threatens to hold them back, or will their friendship bend past breaking point?

Asking For A Friend was jampacked with quintessentially funny British humour, levelling clever jibes at all those love-to-hate aspects of London life from the Underground to Camden hipster bars. This book quite literally had me in stitches and I loved that it was a chick lit novel centring on the lives of three Black women. Osho creates extremely detailed, well thought out characters whose interactions and development was a joy to read even though some of their actions made me literally facepalm (Simi).

Asking For A Friend was an uplifting, fun story with tons of comedic value and a brilliant ending.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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