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Book Club Meeting

I attended my first ever book club meeting yesterday which needless to say was novel and as you would imagine, I didn’t know what to expect, save for the laborious sojourn from my residence in essentially the furthermost western part of London to the furthermost eastern part and beyond, namely Essex. Not that this is significant in the least but […]

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About Me

Just completed my About page which I highly suggest you check out because I would very much appreciate it if you do. Also please follow me on my social media platforms where you’ll learn more about future articles I intend to publish and any events I plan to attend as well as more of my singular quirks <<<<(^O^)>>>>  

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What’s new?

Just finished typing up my first book review, namely; Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig which you can read here. Please share your feedback and look out for future reviews. Still working on the website; if you’re reading this, I’m sure you can tell Lochanreads is still a work in progress…