Book Review | Honey & Spice by Bolu Babalola

Hardback edition first published in July 2022 by Headline Publishing Group.

Synopsis: Kiki, a promising media student who attends the reputable Whitewell University always keeps her distance from others, preferring not to get too close to anyone, save for her best friend Aminah. Her only outlet is her beloved radio show; Brown Sugar, where she admonishes fellow Blackwellian ladies, the gyaldem, what to avoid in men or the player mandem types.

When a new student called Malakai starts attending the university, a misunderstanding prompts Kiki to declare him the ‘Wasteman of Whitewell’ on her show. Unfortunately for Kiki, they’ve been assigned to collaborate together on their university projects and the proximity is making Kiki question everything she thought she knew about men, relationships and most importantly, herself.

After reading the glowing masterpiece that was Love In Colour, a short story collection and Babalola’s debut, I was struck by the lush prose and deeply emotive voice, so of course I was keen to read her latest release; Honey & Spice.

Read the full review on LoveReading UK here! You will also be able to purchase of the book where 25% of the cover price will be given to a school of your choice to buy more books.

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