Bookish Podcasts Worth Listening To

Nothing complements the monotony of a repetitive task like listening to an audiobook. Right? I agree, but lately I’ve also found that listening to Bookish podcasts can be just as conducive to getting all those boringly tedious tasks out of the way, be it household chores or if you’re like me, any data entry or RSI-inducing administrative task that comes with being an office worker.

Listening to bookish podcasts has become just as much a quarantine staple for me as has endless Netflix streaming. In fact, I’ve become so consumed by the latter streaming service that I even made a separate post about it. Click here to find out the Books I Want To Read Because of Netflix. But the focus of today’s post is to shout out the Top 3 Bookish Podcasts that I’ve been listening to.

This post is not sponsored and LochanReads is not affiliated with any of the persons/companies featured.

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Before we get into my Top 3 picks, I would like to give an honourable mention to the following podcast;

Created by influential book bloggers, Jaz and Sharn, Brews & Reviews has only recently come onto the scene but they have already achieved over 1000 downloads on Spotify, proving that this podcast is certainly one to look out for. With their brews at the ready, be it caffeinated or alcoholic beverages, these hosts discuss books they’ve read and other topical discussions that would appeal to book enthusiasts. It is currently available to stream on Spotify. They have also recently launched a quarterly book club and participation is open to all! You can follow Brews & Reviews and the hosts on Instagram for more information;

Brews & Reviews Instagram: @brewsandreviewspodcast

Jaz: @TravelsinFiction

Sharn: @caffeineandcommas

1) Book Off!

Book Off! describes itself as ‘A literary podcast with a difference.’ Presented by BBC Radio 2 Producer, Joe Haddow, this podcast features guests from authors to comedians who love reading and each pitch a book to compete for the spot of winning title. Book Off! is available to stream on many leading platforms including Spotify, Acast and Apple iTunes. This is a casual, easy listening podcast with a game/talk show feel and plenty of top-rate recommendations. You can follow the podcast and the host on Twitter;

Book Off! Twitter: @ohdobookoff

Joe Haddow Twitter: @schmotime

2) The Bookstore

The Bookstore is a discussion and reviews podcast hosted by former independent book sellers, Corinne and Becca. It’s like a book club, but we actually read the book is their memorable tagline. They release new episodes every week for your listening pleasure and talk about all things new and relevant in the world of books. The Bookstore is available to stream on most leading platforms. It offers in-depth conversation on a range of topics, including all the happenings of the publishing industry, plus a diverse range of book recommendations. Check out the links below to find out more;

The Bookstore website:

Instagram: @thebookstorepodcast

Twitter: @thebookstorepod

3) The Bert’s Books Podcast

Bert’s Books is an independent online book seller where you can sign up for specially-curated book recommendations bundles. Sounds tempting right? They also have a podcast, appropriately hosted by a fellow book lover called Bert. This podcast brings us the latest book news, reviews plus a Q&A segment, as well as some special guests. I love the conversational, interactive approach of this podcast and all the thoughtful discussion. It also has games and quizzes and a fun, high-energy jingle. Check out all their links below!

Bert’s Books website:

Instagram: @bertsbooks

Twitter: @bertsbooks

There you have it, the Top 3 bookish podcasts that get my LochanReads seal of approval. I have enjoyed listening to many other titles as well in the making of this post and it’s really shown the creativity of the book community. Plus my TBR list (to-be-read) has grown exponentially as a result of my streaming, so by listening to each of the podcasts featured in today’s post, you won’t be lacking for recommendations.

If you enjoy listening to podcasts, bookish or otherwise, please reach out and let me know! Tell me what you’re listening to and share your thoughts down below.

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