Not Another Monthly Newsletter!

Happy Monday book loving friends!

In case you missed the memo, I have some exciting news. On the first of May, I launched my new monthly newsletter, the purpose of which is to share themed book recommendations lists, from feminism to sci-fi and everything in between! Every month, I will pick a theme, sometimes at random or something topical and then compile a reading list of 10 must-read books relating to that theme.

To sweeten the deal, I teamed up two online bookish shops, Cask & Quill and A Scent Story Candle Co. to bring you a small gift as a thank you for signing up. All new email subscribers will receive a discount code which they can use to shop for beautifully curated bookish merchandise. But hurry, this promotion ENDS TODAY! Sign Up using the link below to claim your gift now.

Note: A Scent Story only ships within the U.S.

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Upcoming Reading List…

10 LGBTQIA+ Books to read for PRIDE Month!

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6 LGBTQIA Fiction Books Worth Reading

In my attempts to read more inclusively, I too have enjoyed reading more LGBTQIA+ fiction and so in today’s post, I would like to share with you 6 LBGTQIA+ Fiction Books Worth Reading;

Young Adult Books That Celebrate Black Joy

Before we get into the main post, I have some news; LochanReads now has a monthly newsletter! Every month, I will be sharing a themed reading recommendations list, with the aim of encouraging more people to read diverse.

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