How to read multiple books at once

I’m always on the look-out for books that represent the level of diversity reflected in my everyday experience. My reading diversely aims to recommend books that a wider range of readers can identify with and to this end, I regularly explore different sources and consume the content of other book bloggers, looking for potential gems. But in so doing, I have amassed the sort of macrocosmic TBR list that would render trying to pursue the wind a more practical endeavour than any attempts to complete all the books on my list.

Because of the amount of books I’m still yet to read, some of which sit on my bookshelf staring at me pleadingly, with anxious spines, I’ve had to learn the art of reading multiple books at once so that I can get through my never-ending TBR a bit more swiftly. In today’s post, I’m going to share with you some of the tips I’ve used.

It might be worth noting that while I read multiple books at once, I try not to speed read them. I don’t want to compromise on my enjoyment of a particular book or fully appreciating its significance just so that I can boast a long recommendations list, which apparently becomes more credible the lengthier the list. To do so is to diminish a book’s worth and the possible years it took the author to write and rewrite it. Also it means that I probably won’t be able to write an all-encompassing review that adequately condenses the book for those interested in reading it. I know that there are sources available that help readers to read faster and still retain everything they’ve read. Whilst I can’t credit or discredit these sources, having never used them, I still don’t advocate speed reading, though I accept that it may benefit others.

So what is the best way to read multiple books at once? Put simply, it involves combining different forms of reading. This not only keeps the experience stimulating but it feels a lot less cumbersome than the practise of reading physical books alone. Different types of reading include;

Reading physical books

Reading ebooks

Listening to audio books


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I’ve found that combining each of these four categories simultaneously, allows me to read multiple books at once because I approach each method differently and this in turn means that it doesn’t actually feel like I’m reading four books at one time, even though I am. For example, if I’m reading a physical book, it usually means I’m curled up on the sofa with a glass of wine. If I’m listening to an audio book, it usually means that I’m finally sorting out my 5-day-old laundry and if I’m buddy reading, it usually means, sofa + wine – laundry + eagerly reading in anticipation of the next discussion with my co-reader = multiple reads bagged!

In addition to this, you can also try differentiating the type and genre of the physical books you read at one time. So rather than just reading a string of thriller novels or romance novels, start discovering new genres and you might find that you actually like Sci-fi or cookbooks! Different types of physical reading include the list shown below. Each category also has a personal recommendation from me. Click the covers to read my reviews!


Novellas/Quick Reads

Short story collections


Graphic novels/Manga/Comics

Try combining each of these four subsets of physical books at one time and you may find yourself reading more books in a month.

Basically, the best way to read multiple books at once is to diversify your reading. Diversify, in this sense meaning, combining different types of reading. Even buddy reading can be further categorised into subsets (i.e. reading challenges, reading sprints, book clubs etc.), making things more interactive and therefore easier.

Do you read multiple books at once? Let me know what methods you use. x

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