Poetic Nature – Reduction Fired by Jennifer Yeates Camara Book Review

Today’s book review is presented to you courtesy of LoveReading UK, the largest book recommendations site in the UK. They were kind enough to send me a copy of the poetry collection Reduction Fired by Jennifer Yeates Camara, which was published by Yeates Expressions and has an upcoming publication date of the 25th March 2021.

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Put simply, I loved reading this collection. It features some beautiful poetry that will appeal to the nature lover. Maybe its because I was born and bred in the city of London that makes me conflate country living with some idyllic, escapist fantasy that only a city dweller could, but these poems were definitely atmospheric in a way that was easy to get lost in. Below are my full thoughts on Reduction Fired, but you can also read my review on LoveReading’s website here.

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Reduction Fired is a ponderous collection of stunning poetry that you can easily get lost in. I loved the abundance of nature imagery that was a consistent theme throughout. It worked really well with the structure of this collection, punctuated by seasons. For example, the poem ‘Place’ beautifully imagines a life lived underwater and the poem ‘Thoughts After Reading Haiku – XXXVI.’ personifies nature by likening the exposing of a tree’s roots to human immodesty.

Camara effectively constructs verse that mimics the mood of her poems, such as with ‘Chalk drawings – V.’ where she uses oceans to depict continuity but also structures each stanza in such a way that emulates the rippling motion of waves. You could definitely tell that every sentence was carefully placed and had a clear sense of purpose. This is also true for the poem ‘Enough,’ about a tall tree that doesn’t flower as abundantly as the other trees. In this case, shortened sentences are used to create a lengthy verse that resembles the height of a tree.

Reduction Fired is an impressive collection that develops such themes as love, strength, loss and so much more. It also felt like a personal, embodied work, reminiscent about life, both the highs and lows. I thought it was a joy to read.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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the sun and her flowers is filled with empowering, seductive and heartfelt poetry. I love the free flowing emjambement style of these free verse poems and I didn’t feel like the concepts were positioned in so abstract a way that I felt completely lost. Rupi kuar makes poignant expressions on such things as immigration, female voice and empowerment, self-love, mental health etc and she does so beautifully with language that is both sparse yet vibrant. (The above image contains an affiliate link. Clicking the image means I will receive a small commission).


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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