The Secret She Kept by J.S Ellis

The Secret She Kept is a suspenseful, hard-hitting, psychological thriller about the murder of a girl called Lottie, who has a terrible secret hidden away on her laptop. By way of several recordings and other clues, this laptop possibly holds information as to the mystery behind her death. Before she died, she entrusted her laptop to her best friend, Anthony, and it now rests on his shoulders to decipher what his usually sweet and docile friend could possibly be hiding? Who could’ve killed her and why?

Firstly, let me express my sincere thanks and gratitude to the author for sending me her book in exchange for my honest review. The Secret She Kept is due to be released later this month (23rd June) after which it will be available for purchase on Amazon in both the formats Kindle and Paperback.

The Secret She Kept possesses a compelling sense of urgency that from the very beginning kept my focus invested in the story throughout and also added an alluring layer of mystery. The unique way that Ellis tells the story by means of Anthony’s narrative coupled with Lottie’s recordings was very creative and novel in a way that I found enjoyable. Despite how plot-driven the story is, I felt that the characterisation was altogether strong, in the way the characters are described and their individual traits explored. For example, we know that Anthony is a sculptor by trade, seems a bit reclusive but altogether a genuine person who is always willing to help his friends in their time of need.

The plosive hard-hitting sentences does create a sense of urgency and necessity but it also made it seem a bit too skeletal and in need of more fleshing out and more character building. I would have especially loved, and believe there was greater scope for some more still, drawn out moments from Anthony’s narrative throughout. However, judging The Secret She Kept on its enjoyment value alone, I would highly recommend this book as quick and easy-to-read piece of entertainment for all avid thriller readers.

About the author: J.S Ellis is a thriller author. She has a degree in creative writing, English literature, and digital marketing. She lives in Malta with her fiancé and their kitty fur baby Eloise. When she’s not writing or reading, she’s either cooking, eating cheese and chocolate, or listening to good music and enjoying a glass of wine or two.

Twitter @joannewriter
Instagram @author_j.sellis

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