The Trinity Trials by Dexter Carr, Jr

It’s time for another book review! As always, let me firstly thank the author, profusely for sending me an advanced reader copy in exchange for my review and for suffering with me patiently, during the long awaited interim.

The Trinity Trials: Tower Of Nirvana is the ethereal debut in The Trinity Trials series, written by Dexter Carr, Jr and published in 2016.

This fantasy tale is about the ascension of three archangels who have been destined to become the next Holy Trinity. Demetrius and Mathias discover they have been imbued with divine blessings after a forbidden trip to the Radiant Forest. Together with the mysterious ‘third blessing,’ Eous Lucentes, they have each been fated to assume power, but first, they must overcome the arduous pilgrimage that is the “the Trinity Trials,” where danger and adventure lie in wait to test them.

As a reader partial to the fantasy genre, I was interested in this book’s bold and creative premise. However, I was a bit dubious about the pronounced biblical presence in the story, as it lacked any sense of novelty, with one too many references to the book of Revelations.

Ultimately, The Trinity Trials, was unfortunately, not my cup of tea and I felt that the premise worked better than the actual execution of the story. For example, it was hard for me to identify who this book’s primary target audience is, which on the surface appears to be leaning towards Young Adult readers, but had moments of dialogue that would easily cater to an even younger audience as well.

On a more positive note, I did enjoy the concept of ‘the trials,’ as it gave the story an instrumental sense of adventure. However, I think the story would benefit immensely from a more developed setting. I also would’ve preferred less biblical references, in favour of a bit more originality and edgier writing, that doesn’t try to sound too profound in parts and too playful in others.

Despite my harsh critique, I thought that Trinity was a lot of fun to read. Though the premise offers some potential, it feels like this story is still in its early stages of development and needs the help of an editor to take it to the next level.


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