Touch by Angela Cairns

Hey Bookworms!

It’s been a while since I reviewed a book on my blog, however I am back on the reading bandwagon and hope to get on top of my generous pile of reading submissions soon.

Today I’ll be discussing my thought’s on the book Touch by Angela Cairns. I received an advanced reader copy in exchange for my honest opinion and would firstly like to thank the author for sending this book to me, as well as suffering my reading hiatus without scruples.

Touch is a hopeful story about a young woman called Ellie Rose, who’s boyfriend, Brett, tragically died in a plane crash. The untimely loss leaves her feeling both bereaved and at a loss as to how she can move forward in life, since she can see no future for herself, except with him in it.

Her search ends in her setting up her own physiotherapy practice, where she finds solace in helping others and eventually, encountering a lot more than she bargained for, but will she be able to take the plunge?

I loved how this story got me on board right from the outset. I was immediately drawn into the story without feeling like I was reading something pedestrian that I hoped would get better as I continued to plow through.

I think Touch has a lot of potential to be a very successful debut, however, in my opinion it still needs redrafting and the magic “touch” of an editor, who can help iron out the edges, so to speak. At a point during the story, I felt my interest sadly start to wane as I began to notice minor holes within the story. However I believe that Touch has the makings to become not just something that can grip its reader’s attention from the outset, but also maintain that intrigue with its charming romance throughout.

I enjoyed the summer contemporary feel of Touch and the romantic aspect of it, the latter of which did feel organic and not overly clichéd, but which could’ve used a bit more contrast in comparison to other novels of the same genre.

All in all, I definitely think that this novel is one to watch! You heard it here first.


On that note, I’ve noticed that I’m starting to become a bit of a sucker for a good romance novel. It’s very unlike me considering my pledge to give my partiality to the fantasy genre..I guess I’ve been scarred worse than I originally thought by Cassandra Clare’s finale book to The Dark Artifices series, which I’m yet review on my blog but which I have roasted on my YouTube channel! See below for more..

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