Classic Book Review: Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell

I feel no review on such as book as Gone With The Wind would be complete without some form of commentary of the slavery situation that was prevalent in those days. This book offered invaluable insight into the plight that black people faced under the tyranny of the Old South, but the book reflects another light on the situation; one where black people didn’t feel oppressed, but rather accepting of how things were back then. During emancipation, many of them didn’t want to leave their masters or found themselves also struggling to adjust to the ways of the New South.

Mammy is a perfect example of this. Mammy is the black, maternal housemaid with undying loyalty to the O’Hara family. She practically bred Ellen, Scarlet and Scarlet’s children as though they were her own children and even chastised them as such. When Scarlet presented Mammy with the opportunity to be ‘free,’ she hotly refused claiming that she wasn’t ‘no free issue n*gger.’ …. Click here to read the full review.

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