Dark Days Lonely Nights by D R Nguyen

Dark Days Lonely Nights by author and poet D. R. Nguyen is a collection of free verse poems about unfulfilled dreams. The depressing and gloomy tone renders it both deeply relatable and at times a bit melodramatic.

I started reading these verses on my lunch break from the full-time 9-5 job I currently have; so such poems as I Wonder and Routine really resonated with me and I could empathize with the disillusionment, the sense of frustration and pointlessness that makes the pursuit of dreams seem altogether bleak.

This collection is very short and can easily be read within a day or two. Ironically, the only criticism I have with these poems is that they lacked any substantial poetry. Apart from A Dream Lost which likens dreams to lovers and the book’s clear sense of mood, it lacked the poeticism of imagery and symbolism. .

I personally related with many of these poems as they perfectly captured the occasional feelings of defeatism I sometimes experience, and this held my interest throughout. However, my overall enjoyment was thwarted by the overly pessimistic tone, so I rate Dark Days And Lonely Nights..


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