Deadly Games by Wayne Clark

Deadly Games is a short story written by Wayne Clark. This quick and easy read is one which I completed in its entirety in one afternoon. It’s a mystery crime thriller that follows Carl, a detective investigating uncanny murders that seem in some way connected, whilst also being enticed by a strange woman who isn’t who she seems.

Apart from how visually stunning it looks, the book has an appealing premise that creates an air of mystery and suspense right from the outset. I also enjoyed the subdued sexual tension of the story-telling pertaining to Carl’s affair with the enigmatic Sasha.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite prepared for the amount of spelling and grammatical errors that regrettably made its way into the narrative. I found this lack of correctness to be distracting, in a way that inhibited my enjoyment of the book. I was also disappointed by the obvious plot twists that offered no real closure. However, as this book is to be part of a series, I can only imagine that the mystery will eventually begin to unravel as the series progresses. 

I found Deadly Games to be full of promise but ultimately unable to deliver for my tastes. I see a lot of potential in Wayne Clark’s writing and would recommend this work of fiction as a light contemporary story for those who like their action fast, fun and full of drama that doesn’t take itself too seriously.    

Deadly Games is available to buy on Amazon! Despite my harsh criticism, there is plenty to enjoy about this book as many others would agree. The ebook has achieved hundreds of downloads so things are definitely off to an impressive start!

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