What’s Your Hogwarts House?

Hello Readers!

I hope you’re having a wonderful week whatever you’re doing, or reading! I’ve finally decided to start reading what is without doubt one of the most famous and widely sold books of all time. And no it’s not Quotations from the Works of Mao Tse-tung…

harry potter audio book

I first read Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone when I was in primary school, but that was also the time when my Harry Potter journey unfortunately ended. Instead my childhood was defined by such children’s novels as A Series Of Unfortunate Events and anything written by Jacqueline Wilson. So when I finally signed up for a free trial with Audible, I thought I’d mark the novelty of never having listened to an audio book before with a book I’ve essentially never read before. And what better than with an epic fantasy filled with magic and adventure!

Now it’s over to you, fellow readers! Have you ever listened to an audio book before? Which one was it and what did you think? And tell me what your Hogwarts House is and why?


Happy reading Bibliophiles!

4 responses to “What’s Your Hogwarts House?”

  1. Hey thanks for following my http://multiscreenmotivision.wordpress.com. blog.
    I think I got a free (or a really cheap) audio book on my kindle.I think its the brothers Grimm. I’m not big on audio books. When I read it myself, I get pulled into the book and can ‘see’ what some of the descriptions of places and people look like. (For me I had seen the HP & sorcerer’s stone before reading the books. A friend Talked me into reading it and I finished it in a day and just went from there… never stopped reading.

    I’ve also read a series of unfortunate events and Netflix has a show 3rd season comes in 2019 and is a very good adaptation unlike the movie. (I did a post on it… just not sure if it was an individual or if it was in my Summer of Netflix post) and even better Neil Patrick Harris is Count Olaf. When I heard he would be playing the titular villain I KNEW Olaf would be in good hands.

    As for my Hogwarts House… Pottermore says Slytherin, (and it stinks cause you can’t retake the sorting quiz) but then again I am born the year of the dragon so its fitting (and I’m a scorpio so it sort of makes sense)
    everywhere else I’ve gotten Gryffindor

    • I can see why you prefer actually reading the book. There’s nothing quite like it 🙂 I also started watch the series of unfortunate events series and it was really good, I might go back to it and finish it which I’m yet to do and apparently I’m also a Slytherin according to Buzzfeed I’m not sure what to make of that XD

  2. I love reading actual books because there is just something so special about holding the book that makes me feel more a part of the story. Having said that though, audio books can be more practical and help me to get through more books, and I actually listen to quite a few of them.

    I’m a Gryffindor based on the Pottermore test and I can see why because I have quite a few of the traits. If I wasn’t a Gryffindor I would probably be in Slytherin.

    • You and me both! There’s nothing quite like having the actual book in your hand is there? I took a BuzzFeed test and apparently I’m a Slytherin so not very mainstream then 😅

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