Social Media Update

Hey Bookish friends!,

Live on Insta @lochanreads

I recently attained the humble milestone of 100 followers on my Instagram, of which I am most grateful. It’s definitely humbling and almost surreal when I get positive feedback on my content as though I were having an out of body experience! I very much enjoy being part of the Bookstagram community as the continued support and positivity incites me to continue, in turn to produce interesting and original content that will keep my intimate audience engaged. I therefore started going live on Instagram with the intention of putting a face to my Insta account and hopefully interact more with my audience. Needless to say, the last two shows I’ve posted have yielded extremely modest views which I’m still ecstatic about, so much so that I wanted to express my great many thanks here!! <<<(^O^)>>>

Lois @lochanreadsinsta 🤗🤗💛💛💛💛🍒

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