New Book Review: Standard Deviation by Katherine Heiny

download (9) Standard Deviation was written by author Katherine Heiny, who also wrote the debut collection of short stories; Single Carefree Mellow. It was published in 2017 by Harper Collins Publishers. This book was recommended to me by the wonderful Rare Birds Book Club. They are an online book club and subscription service that send you a book every month. The club, hosted by Rachel then discuss the featured book online. I absolutely loved reading Rachel’s review and if you’re interested you can read it too by clicking here.


Audra and Graham have been married for twelve years and they couldn’t be more different. Graham is a man of culinary talent, who finds reading the stock exchange figures interesting. Audra on the other hand, is extremely social. She disarms nearly everyone she meets, though she rarely interacts with a filter and will practically invite strangers to live with them. A sudden encounter with his ex-wife, Elspeth will prompt Graham to question his choices in love….

To continue reading please click here.

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