New Book Review: Men Without Women By Haruki Murakami

download (6)Men without women was written by Japanese best- selling author Haruki Murakami and originally published in 2014 by Bugeishunjuu Ltd. It is a collection of stories centred around relationships as told from various male perspectives. It develops the themes of loneliness and heartbreak with particular emphasis on male vulnerabilities thereby challenging the standard consensus of brutish virility…

My experiences with men, particularly in relation to women has been all but lewd conversation and…..well…that’s it actually, lewd conversation (and that’s putting it nicely). Even when these men have shown themselves capable of some depth, it all goes belly up when a hottie with huge knockers or a huge batty strolls through the door. Excuse my French ladies

But Men Before Women is a lot more mature in the way it discusses women. It focuses most of its attentions on the man’s attempt to find closure or deal with his own complexities, whilst also acknowledging a man’s affinity towards beautiful women. Even the two college boys; Tanimura and his eccentric, Beatles-loving friend Kitaru evoke this sense of maturity in their exchanges about women, albeit their susceptibility to masturbation….

Don’t fret this isn’t the end of the review! To continue reading please click here

4 responses to “New Book Review: Men Without Women By Haruki Murakami”

  1. love this review; I’ve heard so much about Murakami’s work and the way you describe his writing style sounds so appealing to me! 💛✨

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