New Book Review: Silent Companions by Laura Purcell

Silent Companions was written by novelist Laura Purcell and published in 2017 by Raven Books; Bloomsbury Publishing. It follows the story of newly widowed Elsie Bainbridge who is sent to live at the Bridge in Fayford; the eerily dilapidated mansion of her late husband, Rupert. Together with Rupert’s cousin, Sarah, the two relatives take up residence at the Bridge when they stumble upon a dark mystery locked away behind a ghostly attic room.


Waterstones Rating: 4.6/5

Lochanreads Rating: 4/5

This insidiously gothic horror story which I’ve been gushing over on various social media platforms, gripped me from the outset to the ingeniously sinister end. Purcell has an engaging, scenic style of prose that perfectly captured the tonally macabre quality of the narrative.

The story is told from the omnipotent perspective of the third person. It consists of mainly flashbacks and flash-forwards skilfully used to build suspense, whilst gradually unravelling a heart wrenching mystery that powerfully resonates beyond the pages of the book….

To continue reading please click here.

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