New Book Review: Little Fires Everywhere

download (5)The award winning Little Fires Everywhere was written by American novelist Celeste Ng and published in 2017 by Perigee Books. This New York Times bestseller has received a wealth of praise and is set to become a TV series adaptation later this year.

This deeply thought-provoking read is sure to render you emotionally invested in its skilfully fleshed out characters and engaging story. The book’s strengths for me are its characters and use of symbolism. Even characters of partial significance as with those whose actions you may not agree with are developed flawlessly. For the most part, the characters are truly 3-dimensional and the use of mainly flashbacks but also non-exhaustive exposition, keeps you vested in their growth as a character.

Little Fires Everywhere discusses its central theme of motherhood in light of the two main characters; Mia Warren and Elena Richardson, both of which are mothers under very different circumstances and with opposing ideals…To continue reading please click here.


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